Cookie Dough Fundraiser Company

Introducing San Clemente Cookie Dough Fundraising Co.

Meet Joyce San Clemente, the visionary behind San Clemente Cookie Dough Fundraising Co. Her journey began with a simple desire: to create a delicious and healthy cookie dough for her family members who had health problems and couldn’t indulge in traditional cookies or cookie dough. Faced with this challenge, Joyce embarked on a mission to develop a recipe that would satisfy their cravings without compromising their health.

cookie dough fundraising companyDriven by her passion for baking and her love for her family, Joyce spent countless hours experimenting with different ingredients and techniques. After numerous trials and errors, she finally perfected her recipe – a mouthwatering cookie dough that not only tasted amazing but was also gluten-free, dairy-free, and free from refined sugars.

With her family’s enthusiastic approval, Joyce decided to share her creation with the world. In 2015, she officially launched San Clemente Cookie Dough Fundraising Co., bringing her wholesome and indulgent treats to the community. Word quickly spread about Joyce’s delicious cookie dough, and soon, her business began to thrive.

A company that makes a difference with their dough

But Joyce’s vision didn’t stop there. As her company grew, she realized the opportunity to make a positive impact beyond just satisfying sweet cravings. Inspired by her own journey to create a healthier alternative, Joyce transformed San Clemente Cookie Dough Co. into a fundraising powerhouse. Learn more about the cookie dough fundraiser opportunity.

Partnering with nonprofits and kids’ schools, Joyce turned her business into a force for good. Through cookie dough sales and fundraising events, she helped raise money for various causes, from supporting local charities to funding educational programs for underprivileged children.

Today, San Clemente Cookie Dough Fundraising Co. isn’t just a business – it’s a beacon of hope and generosity in the community. Thanks to Joyce’s dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, families can enjoy guilt-free indulgence, while also making a difference in the lives of others.

Join us on this sweet journey with San Clemente Cookie Dough Fundraising  Co. and help us spread joy, one cookie dough at a time.